We’ve been writing and performing sketch comedy together for the past seven years. We’ve done six Edinburghs, two UK tours, our own series on BBC Radio 4 and, guys, it’s finally happening! No, not the TV series we’ve been working towards…we’re pregnant! As in both of us. At the same time. Due this August within three days of each other. Weird? Creepy? Miraculous? You decide.

We both found out separately - we got to share the special moment with the pee-sticks with the Dads (different Dads...) but because Hannah can’t keep anything to herself, she told Fi straight away. And because Fi worried it would get weird if she waited to tell Hannah until after the recommended three months, she felt obliged to tell her straight away too. Every single day Hannah struggled not to call everyone she’s ever met and tell them about this amazing coincidence. It was hard for her. Really hard. But by some miracle she managed to keep our double-whammy bombshell to herself.

Those first three months were a struggle for other reasons too. Hannah learned the hard way that morning sickness doesn’t just affect you in the morning. At her lowest point, she was sick in her mouth during a gig (don’t worry, she’s a swallower, guys). Fi was 100% symptom-free and had never felt better, but she still managed to ruin the first three months for herself with constant worry about why she felt so good.

Anyway, we made it through! Hannah is back to feeling nauseous only when she chooses to eat too much chocolate in one sitting (Easter was tough). And Fi’s worries for her unborn child are now balanced out by a new anxiety about her own health. It really is a magical time.

So we’re blogging about it.